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Beach House – Sparks

Finally the debut single of Beach House‘s upcoming LP “Depression Cherry” is out. Check out this beauty constructed of dissonant e-organs, aerial vocals sung in duet and the typical wistful guitars that switch even to noisy tunes in this one! This really sparks!

Steady and glistening, a typical piece of Beach House’ dream pop, but a shift to new coasts.

As they said in an interview concerning the release of the first single, the intro vocals were recorded by chance while they were jamming in the studio and this was the first time they ever used looping vocal samples throughout a whole song.

The unease created by the slightly dissonanting electric organs is a great shift in their sound.

Looking forward to discover some more uneasiness on the album that will be released on August 29rd via SubPop,  CD and LP in a velvet covered record sleeve in cherry red.


The tracklist reads:

1. Levitation
2. Sparks
3. Space Song
4. Beyond Love
5. 10:37
6. PPP
7. Wildflower
8. Bluebird
9. Days of Candy

c: photo Liz Flyntz via Stereogum

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