The KVB and Flaamingos to release split EP


The KVB from Berlin/London and Flaamingos from L.A. are going to release a split E.P. on felte records on 10th of July.

Both of the bands have the talent to transmit a melancholic but urgent upbeat feel, composed each with their own different means. They shared two of the E.P’s songs on felte’s soundcloud.

Flaamingos working with on “I’m Not Dead” with a rather upbeat continuous New Order-ish synthie post-punk line, while the KVB strike the obscurity with their song “I Call You” that nods to Atmoshere’s monumentality by reducing their usual shoegaze indulging guitars. Both songs have the insane cheer of an inevitably upcoming end common.

The beautiful work includes three songs on each side of all new material from both bands and can be pre-ordered via felte records here.

01. Flaamingos – I’m Not Dead
02. Flaamingos – Dancing Upstairs
03. Flaamingos – Naomi
04. The KVB – Still Warm
05. The KVB – I Call First
06. The KVB – Outlines

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