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Suuns live @ Control Club Bucharest


As for a week with three concerts and with Suuns melodies still echoing in the head I cannot avoid writing this first live review for repeat magazine in the end.

Hypnotic was the first impression when the Canadian quartet hit their first tunes on the stage of Control Club in Bucharest. The wafting bass lines and the deep synths, the beats ticking through their songs like a hypnotic clockwork, all so warm, steady and soothing with an increasing suspense by layering up more and more components to reach the peak in feedback outbursts or minute-long drone passages.

Besides their jazzy spirit, post-punk influences and shoegaze related sounds Suuns powerful songs are based on vibrant bass lines that may remind of the great Scandinavian electro heroes like WhoMadeWho or Casio Kids. While they integrate formidable noisy guitar distortion into their songs perfectly, stomping bass and harsh beats tempting the audience to raving dance, the band let time stand still during their captivating performance.

Songs like “Sunspots” got their drive by their repetitive swinging drums, bells and the great communication between guitar and bass. A highlight was the strumming intro to “Power of Ten” and the minimal and soothing “Music won’t save you” and “2020”.


Singer Ben Shemie seductive twangy voice that mostly seems sung through clenched lips is as captivating as in all its qualities identical to Ade Blackburn of Liverpool’s Clinic.

The evening’s set-list and sound performance was very close as recorded on their recent album “Images du Futur”. Earworm of the week is the simple but seducing, but even more catchy “Edie’s Dream”. Not only for their captivating performance, but also for the surprising effect of seeing a band for the first time live and being instantly absorbed and getting lost in their music.


photo copyright at Control Club

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