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music love in the times of corona

so if we all stay the fuck home, how can we support the music business and keep up the connection with the community? a collection

so if we all stay the fuck home, how can we support the music business and keep up the connection with the community?

an ongoing collection

last update: March 26
updated March 20
updated March 19

what’s up, music biz?

as museums, cinemas, clubs and music locations closed after governmental directions to slow down the further outbreak and spread of the pandemic for everyone’s safety, the creative industry faces enormous losses connected to the corona-crisis. Already now the chancellor mentioned, the impact on overall economy will be worse than the financial crisis in 2008. But for artists, freelancers and small music businesses it’s existential. 

Even for mid-size locations a lockdown for a few weeks will result in  their bankruptcy as Wednesday’s  statement by Berlin Club Commission reads.  The whole live music industry, venues, booking agencies and PR agencies are negatively affected and the people who are already working in precarious conditions or freelance like promoters, music journalists and of course the artists themselves.

Many tours have been cancelled or been postponed, even small music bars close their business, even the most underground parties in Neukoelln don’t take place anymore. It’s apocalyptic. Artists from the US still in Europe faced panic this week by the unclear announcement of their president, all travel from Europe will be banned for 30 days at least, starting today. wondering how to quickly get home safe, facing high costs for short-notice flights, besides the sadness and financial crisis of cancelling European tours, maybe leaving loved ones behind and facing separation through the ban. Already now the music and entertainment industry faces financial losses and individuals are feeling the effects.

stay the fuck home

The precautions are no doubt making it safer and protect sensitive groups. We should all support the movement of #staythefuckhome – The Self-Quarantine Manifesto as case numbers increase exponentially.


What can music lovers do to support the industry?

The music community is a safe place for connection with likeminded people and now that it’s discontinued in real life it is important to find other ways to connect and not isolate.  We are sharing ideas and resources for what you can do now to support the music industry, the artist community and yourself in these uncertain times.

1. Support your artists

If the concert you wanted to see was cancelled, it is very sad for you personally, but think of the artists’ major loss of cancelling their main source of income. You can find other ways to support them.

Buy their music or merch on their online-shops or through bandcamp, so the funds go directly to them. Or support your local independent record shop business that might suffer from less customers as well. Sometimes it’s possible to donate the ticket-price to your venue or concert booking agency instead of opting for the refund. Check that option if your own wallet permits.

2. Share new music

Sharing music you like on your social media is another safe and easy way to a) support artists by streaming revenue plus

b) to connect with the community over music you love

c) makes others listen to them too.

3. Make music

obvi as an artist  haha  – but especially true as now you have no distractions and no more fomo! You can transform the energies of loneliness and uncertainty into new music. Online ways of sharing music and working on them together exist to collaborate with other remote musicians. Share your way here!
You could create a piece every day for thirty days, share it online and be funded by supporters. Thirty days of new music!

Moog and Korg both are giving out their synthesizer apps for free, so everyone can be creative and make their own music on their phones. ❤



We tried both, the are both fun in their own special ways. Try yourself!

Connect online and be creative: yeah, corona playlists are a thing now

The first idea of what to do online to create community and enjoy music as if you went to a club was live-streaming DJ-sets to the people’s homes. Looking forward to what creative solutions we will come up with in the next weeks.

I started a collaborative playlist on Spotify “Music love in the times of Corona”  as a means to connect and because I love thematic playlists. If the songs are upbeat, it could be a soundtrack to a virtual party. The playlist is open for music lovers to add their input on the topic. This also helps each other to discover new music and support the artists. Local artists are featured more than usually. Please don’t delete stuff and don’t be too cynical with the content. It should stay on the optimistic side.  

4. Lots of time for music study and discovery

Staying home brings the opportunity to get lost in written narratives about music. We can recommend these inspiring books.

Carry Brownstein – Hunger makes Me A Modern Girl
Patty Smith – Just Kids
Kim Gordon – Girl in a Band
Deborah Curtis – Touching From A Distance
Caitlin Moran– How To Build A Girl
Nico: Biographie eines Rätsels by Tobias Lehmkuhl

Adam Green shares his Graphic Novel War And Paradise with everyone – for free. You can download it on his website . This might come in handy downloaded on your computer when the internet breaks down due to excessive netflix usage, as business insider warns.

Apropos Adam Green: If you haven’t seen his movie Aladdin you can stream it on his youtube channel. ❤

outside the box music magazines

Browsing and reading online, there are many web resources to feed your music curiosity. Just a few that we like that are new to you, maybe:

Aquarium Drunkard

The Attic

5. music documentaries & livestreams

More and more opportunities arise from the new technologies to stream live-concerts from your safe home base. That is great. Local TV station RBB started to broadcast symphonies and other classical music events that took place with empty theatres for free on public television.

Looking forward to add here the possibilities of newest media for the independent live music scene.

KEXP have found a way to support artists by enabling a virtual concert series with live stream performances called Songs of Hope and Healing”:

6. go clubbing online

Since Wednesday, March 18th, Berlin clubs have united with TV and radio stations to stream a daily program live from the clubs for the audiences at home after 7pm as a fundraiser to help the Berlin club landscape survive.

Supporters can donate for the project on and buy merchandise in the shop on their website. The rescue fund will be used to help out clubs in need. Clubs with a capacity of less than 1.500 people can apply to be supported, a committee will make sure that they are correct and legitimate.

So far, we have no information if there will be independent clubs running a live program as well. The first streaming night will host electronic sets.

7. Sign this petition

for governmental support for struggling artists and music business freelancers in Germany.

Petition: Hilfe für Freiberufler und Künstler während des Corona Shutdowns

8. Help your favourite music venues to survive

Heartbreaking how many essential music venues in Berlin are threatened by the corona crisis. 

support 8mm bar

We always refer to 8MM Bar worthy visiting for their great music alone. The best rock’n’roll music bar is a place where international touring musicians regularly check in and the home to so many alternative and independent artists who live in Berlin. 

maybe you can help them out when you are not affected by the crisis. they offer cool gifts for certain donations!

save Loophole

One of our favourite underground venues in Neukoelln where we have spent many nights discovering great independent artists asks kindly for your help and offers great gifts in return. Why not buy a future concert ticket now, get a cool t-shirt and tote or book your private event right now?

9. Out of reach?

Be mindful of your friends and family, fellow musicians and people who work in the creative industry and might go through precarious times, as well as connections and acquaintances from the community.

Times of crisis can cause emotional isolation and can affect the mental health in sensitive groups like artists, so checking in with the people you would normally meet at shows or in clubs is a great way to show you care and support each other in the times of corona.

10. Dust off your record collection

Music love in the times of Corona: from left to right: Cutworms – Alien Sunset, TOPS – Picture You Staring, Sugar Candy Mountain – 666

Take out your record collection, take care of them and give them a spin. A record a day for 30 days? I bet you don’t play them often enough 😉

This is an open collection of ideas that will be eventually updated through the course of the next 30 days. Feel free to share your ideas and additional resources below in the comments.

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