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Discover sunny and floating retro-rock, pulsating post-punk and slackery anti-folk, dancefloor-friendy synth-smashers and other-worldly dream-pop


To make it easier to follow repeat we made a new playlist that is updated regularly with our new favourites from the other side of mainstream!

Discover sunny and floating retro-rock from Babe Rainbow, Mega Bog and Allah-Las, pulsating and jangly post-punk from Shybits and Omni and slackery tunes and anti-folk from JW Francis, Ariel Pink and Mac DeMarco.

Dancfloor-friendy synth-smashers from Cate LeBon, Deerhunter and Part-Time and other-worldly dream-pop from Olden Yolk and Aldous Harding and Loving – what can not be loved about these songs ❤ and more surprises!

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