on repeat: Holy Wave – Adult Fear

Holy Wave_ Adult Fear.jpg

On repeat this week is the third LP of the Austin-based band “Holy Wave” called “Adult Fear”,  released March 30 on The Reverberation Appreciation Society.

It’s to the contrary to what the title might suggest musically very reassuring and soothing, no teenage angst pop, but layers of warm waves of carrying steady organs, dreamy guitars and thick synthesizers, and multi-layered ethereal vocals, combining reminiscences of psychedelic rock of the seventies, beat music of the sixties, dream pop of the eighties and indie rock of the nineties to their own beautiful dreamy and drifty sound that carries psychedelia into this present day: retrospective and contemporary at the same time.

A very good example of their self-perpetuating waves in infinite looping and reverb is the single “Habibi”, making its listener enter a state of soothing hypnosis.