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On repeat: Holy Wave

One of our most repeated bands, Holy Wave released “Adult Fear” on The Reverberation Appreciation Society and will tour UK and Europe this August & September.

Holy Wave by James Oswald
Holy Wave by James Oswald

One of our most repeated bands, Austin-based Holy Wave, released “Adult Fear”on The Reverberation Appreciation Society and will tour the UK and Europe this August & September, among the dates great festivals like Levitation France and Burger Invasion Hamburg.

To the contrary to what the album title “Adult Fear” might suggest the LP is musically very soothing, no teenage angst pop, but layers of warm organ waves, dreamy guitars and thick synthesizers and multi-layered ethereal vocals.

Holy Wave combine reminiscences of psychedelic rock of the seventies, beat music of the sixties, dream pop of the eighties and indie rock of the nineties to their own beautiful dreamy and drifty sound –  psychedelia brought into this present day: retrospective and contemporary at the same time.

A very good example of the self-perpetuating waves in infinite looping and reverb is the single “Habibi”, a song that succeeds to bring the listener into a state of calm hypnosis.

After presenting “Adult Fear” live in the US, Holy Wave are going on an extended EU and UK in August and September and play some highly recommended psych festivals as well:

August 11 Martigny, @PALP Festival, Switzerland

August 16 Lugano, Switzerland

August 17  @Chateau Sonic Festival, Brenthonne, France

August 18 Vienna, Austria

August 19 Prague, CZ

August 21 Leipzig, Germany

August 22 Berlin, Germany  – tickets

August 23, Halle, Germany

August 24  @Fuzz Club Festival, Eindhoven, Netherlands – tickets

August 25 @ Burger Records’ Burger Invasion Hamburg, Germany – tickets

August 27 Paris, France

August 29 Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain

August 30 Barcelona, Spain

August 31 Madrid, Spain

September 1 Pamplona, Spain

September 4 Biarritz, Bordeaux, France

September 5 Bordeaux, France

September 6  Nantes, France

September 7 Rennes, France

September 8 @Strawberry Fest, Lille, France

September 9 Liege, Belgium

September 11 Hackney, London, UK

September 12 Sheffield, UK

September 13 Leeds, UK

September 14 @Green Door Stockton-on -Tees, UK

September 15 @Freakender, Glasgow, UK

September 16 @The Psych Weekender, Manchester, UK

September 18 Bristol, UK

September 20 @Rockeril, Charleroi, Belgium

September 21 @Levitation, Angers, Francetickets

September 25 Utrecht, Netherlands

September 26 The Hague, Netherlands

September 27 Amsterdam, Netherlands

September 29 @Rock in The Barn, Vexin-sur-Epte, France

 Holy Wave 2018 UK Europe tour poster by Levitation Austin

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