Mehmet Aslan released Alysha on dischi autunno

Mehmet Aslan is the master of the perfect blend of three musical components: Eastern and retro-Western sounds of the desert meet contemporary club sounds for the perfect mesmerizing dance experience.

His new EP named „Alysha“ was just released on the new Berlin-based label dischi autunno – home of equally experimental and progressive artists who challenge existing genre boundaries –  and features 3 tracks -a 20 minutes journey through western and eastern deserts to the dance floor, merging Turkish folkloric elements with the ocassional fuzzed out Wild West Tarantino surf guitar riffs and club sounds. Second track Hyar was created in collaboration with Jonny Rock.

If this wasn’t music to dance to, this would perfectly make a great movie soundtrack – alternatively we’d suggest to bellydance with the sight of the Grand Canyon to it. Our favourite track is the slower and very seductive hypnotizing, very un-beasty „Beasts“.

In any way a label to watch and follow is dischi autunno who have released the great album „Holy Ghost People“ by similarly progressive-experimental trio Dollkraut.

We already loved Mehmet Aslan’s take on Bucharest-based Karpov not Kasparov‘s Mechanical Turk. 

Order the EP here.