Album Review Repeat Of The Week

Repeat of the week: Vaadat Charigim – Sinking As A Stone

vaadat charigim The repeat of the week is Vaadat Charigim​’s second album “Sinking As A Stone” – the perfect balance between luminous shoegaze, washed-out dreampop and the sweet gloom of melancholy. Although the music is full of layers of guitar delays, little passages of noise effects and overdrive, in the same time the songs are composed with a great sense for a catchy pop melody. They always seem at the edgy of the cheerful shine and close to the abyss of darkness like in the track “Imperia Achrona”. This is being responded not only by the guitar melodies, but also by Juval Haring’s vocal style, that oscillates between warm and brighter tones and darker, gothic delayed vocals. Especially on “Ein Li Makom” the ghosty vocals and continuous guitar-riff a gothic vibe complete the shoegaze dream. Check ot the official video for the first single off of the album “Ein Li Makom”, that was directed by Tal Haring and released in the beginning of the month. “Sinking As A Stone” is released on the US label Burger Records and on Tel Aviv’s Anova Music. Their second single “Hashiamum Shokea” was released on their soundcloud. Vaadat Charigim are a Tel Aviv based trio that formed in 2012. The band’s name means exceptions committee. vaadat

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